Expel: Demonology Bootcamp ecourse

Expel: Demonology Bootcamp ecourse

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This is a six session, on demand eCourse featuring comprehensive demonology teaching by Ryan LeStrange along with stunning visual notes to assist in your developmental journey. All too often prophetic people, kingdom building believers and apostolically activated people are the target of Satan’s war machine. There are several keys to wage effective spiritual warfare and it begins with a recognition of Satan’s operations and your authority in Christ Jesus to overcome those attacks. This course arms the believer looking to live in victory, it equips the prophetic person contending for their family and region as well as providing much needed tools to the seasoned deliverance minister.

 Luke 10:19- Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

This course features six modules of study-

Module 1- 5 steps to Demonization.

This session brings much needed light to the attack strategy of the enemy. You will learn five steps that demons take to bring a person into captivity. You will also be armed with truth to break free from this evil assault.

 Module 2- Authorize!

This session features strong teaching on the authority of the believer. You cannot conquer Satan’s scheme fighting from a position of defeat. Knowing your position in Christ is key to overcoming the works of hell.

 Module 3- Demon Strike List.

This session goes into detail about types of demons that are found in scripture. Each demon listed will be revealed in a verse of scripture. This provides the foundation for identifying and expelling these various types of demons. You will also learn keys to discern the spirits listed in the session.

 Module 4- The Origin of Demons.

What are demons? Where did they come from? These are sought after answers. This module examines and answers these questions from the scripture. It will provide a theological foundation of the existence and nature of demons.

Module 5- Overthrowing Regional Demons.

This module takes a deep dive into regional warfare and transformation. This is one of the mandates of apostolic ministry and the ecclesia. This teaching gives much needed insight for effectively laboring in assigned territories and not bowing to demonic pressure.

Module 6- ThinkFree/Live Free

It has often been said that the greatest battle is in the mind. This session assists the student with much needed truth that will close every door to the mind and expel demonic thought patterns in order to live free.