Releasing the Prophetic

Releasing the Prophetic

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There is a growing hunger inside of God’s people for authentic Spirit-led ministry that embraces the power of the Holy Spirit. Christians are desperate for the supernatural and the power of God, especially the resurgence of the prophetic ministry. This book will give you insight into the realm of the spirit, the gift of prophecy, the importance of interpreting dreams and understanding visions, and will prepare you with knowledge concerning the prophetic ministry.

Written by Apostle Ryan LeStrange, Releasing the Prophetic, is a must-read instruction manual for anyone wanting to know how to unleash and understand the power of the prophetic ministry.

In this penetrating book, he addresses topics such as:

· Why the prophetic ministry is important in today’s church

· Understanding and defining the gift of prophecy

· Developing a prophetic spirit

· Dreams and visions

· Prophets, the gift of prophecy and prophetic people

This book is an invitation to step into a higher realm of insight, strength and blessing that will launch you into the depths of the prophetic movement active in today’s Church.