School Of The Miraculous E-Course

School Of The Miraculous E-Course

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There are keys to operating in the supernatural realm! There are miracle keys, prophetic keys, and keys to understand and activate the anointing. During this six-hour course, I will share practical, revelatory and theological keys to the miracle ministry and operating in the supernatural realm.

You will receive a syllabus, six hours of teaching, prayers of activation, and the opportunity for questions in a Facebook Group. This is a must take course for every believer or minister who wants to live more effectively in the miraculous realm.

Learn to recognize and move in the anointing. Learn to heal the sick. Learn to operate in the word of knowledge. Build your faith for miracles and receive from my years of extensive travel and ministry. If I wasn’t leading this course I would take it myself!

You will also gain access to an exclusive Facebook Community, where you can share about the miraculous, and connect to like-minded believers!