The Power of the Double

The Power of the Double

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We often fight fiercely for what the enemy has stolen. But what if for every attack, you got back double? Can you imagine your finances doubling, your joy doubling, your health doubling, and your prophetic insight and wisdom doubling? 

This is not just a message to titillate your ears. It is the word of the Lord. 

Instead of shame and guilt, poverty and lack, or anything negative the enemy has thrown at you, set your faith or double portion. Ryan LeStrange challenges you to expect what he calls "double-double" increase and restoration for your family and future generations. 

There are things the enemy has snatched from your life, but God desires to give them back to you in double capacity. He desires to bless you so hugely that there is massive overflow in your life. Believe God not just for restoration but for a double portion.